Frequently Asked Questions

Please observe that I’m no longer active as an escort. This website is just left online as a memory, and so I easily can start up again if I would like to.

My FAQ on this site contain a lot of extra information regarding me and my escort hobby, of both practical and personal nature. Some is more relevant and some is less relevant, depending on who you are I guess. They do anyway cover the most commonly occurring questions I get.

1) What kind of clients do you want to date?
2) How do you select persons to date from booking inquiries by emails?
3) If you really like what you do, why do you take money for it?
4) How can I pay you in advance for travels or incall?
5) How can I date you discretely in a hotel?
6) What kind of sex do you engage in?
7) How can I best satisfy you sexually?
8) Can we use femidom instead of condom?
9) Why don’t you give unprotected oral sex?
10) Do you receive anal sex?
11) Do you offer erotic domination?
12) Are you bisexual, can one hire you as a woman, or as a couple?
13) Is it possible to arrange a threesome with you and another escort?
14) Do you meet virgins, and can you tutor me sexually?
15) Will Viagra and similar pills help me to manage sex better if I have potency problems?
16) Do you do overnights or vacation escorting?
17) Do you offer social dates where you act as my girlfriend in front of my family/friends/business associates/ex-girlfriend?
18) Do you really enjoy having professional sex with your clients?
19) What is your age, what are your physical facts, and what is your background?
20) Why do you show your face on your website, and why is your escort website so elaborated?
21) Can I take photos of you, or film you, during our date?
22) Are you available for interviews?
23) Do you give discount to returning and/or regular partners?
24) Why don’t you answer comments and questions about your blog and the texts on this website?
25) I’m a debuting escort, can you help me out, act as my mentor, provide me with clients or loan me money?
26) Is there any chance that you might want to become my girlfriend?
27) Can you recommend some other escorts in Copenhagen?
28) Can you recommend some other escorts in Sweden?
29) Can you recommend some good hotels in Copenhagen?
30) Can you recommend some good restaurants in Copenhagen?

1) What kind of clients do you want to date?
I like intelligent and emphatic people, who enjoy tender lovemaking as much as a good conversation. I date single men and women as well as I enjoy threesomes with couples. Implicitly understood is that you have a good economy. I don’t want my clients to feel that my rates are a heavy burden for them to pay, if that would be the case, I rather advise you not to date me.
You must be of age 18+, but I don’t mind if you are considered old, ugly or overweight, what is important to me is that you have a good heart and a thinking mind. I also don’t mind if you would be disabled or of a non-western ethnic heritage, as long as you posses linguistic skills that clearly indicate that you are well-educated middle to upper middle-class, and that you are well familiarized with western culture.
For my own needs and desires, I prefer a session with about 10-15 minutes foreplay, 20-40 minutes oralsex and intercourse, followed by 10-15 minutes cuddling, massage and pillow talk. Depending on the preferences of my clients I can of course adapt to various scenarios.
Professionally, I can do a session for 2-hours if you can come several times and want to have breaks between. But I really don’t enjoy to keep on with intense non-stop sex for 2-hours with endurant clients. Sex for 3 hours or even longer off the limits for me.
I also don’t like impotent clients who want to enact their sexuality “by proxy”, by only stimulating me with oralsex and sex toys. As you can read in FAQ 7, I am not multi-orgasmic or very sexually endurant.
I prefer 1-hour sessions, or dinnerdates with a break in the middle. If I after a first hour with sex get a longer break (with change of environment, like lunch or dinner) I can mostly get in a genuine mood for yet another hour with sex.
I like the idea to be able to help other people, so I’m willing to act as a sex-therapist to disabled, virgins or guys with sexual potency problems. But since the actual sex for my own concern can be quite straining in those cases, I want such clients to satisfy with 1-hour dates, or dinnerdates containing of 2 sessions with a longer break in the middle.
You also have to understand that I’m happy to be your girlfriend while dating, but that you cannot expect me to engage in frequent or lengthy email or phone conversations, outside of paid dating time.

2) How do you select persons to date from booking inquiries by emails?
I prefer booking requests that are written in a good language and contain details about what date, what time and for how long you would like to meet with me. I also use some intuition in my judgment about if I want to date a person; would I get a vague feeling from the email that something is “off”, I will not bother to answer.
If you want to you can make a short presentation of yourself, but it is also fine if you are a shy person who prefers to remain more anonymous and formal. You are welcome to write if you have some special preferences about what we can do together, but it is also fine if you just want to go along with what you have read on this website, about my general attitude and concept regarding sex and dating.
Emails that inquire about things already mentioned on this website (for example what my rates are, which cities I date in, what service I provide) I will not bother to answer. Nor will I answer emails that try to negotiate about things I mention that I don’t do (for example dates for less than my going rates, unprotected sex, dates in my home or similar things).
I will also not answer emails that just are about that the person “wants to get to know me better”. I don’t bother to “try to sell myself” in personal communication. If you are uncertain about if you want to meet me – I simply advice you not to hire me.

3) If you really like what you do, why do you take money for it?
There are mainly 6 good reasons for that.
Reason 1: Fairness. Like an artist, scientist or athlete, who both is talented and enjoy what he does, also gets well-paid for doing his thing, I think it is perfectly fair that I demand payment for my talent for enjoying promiscuity. It’s a form of art, I dare claim!
Reason 2: Communication. It enables a good, honest and logic communication, free of all those double meanings, mind-games and pretense-games of showing/hiding interest, and other emotional dramas, which otherwise are included in peoples courting game. I’m something of a queer woman by loving books and hobbies over sexual partners, and many people have a hard time understanding that. In the setting of commercial sex I’m freed of expectations about emotional sexual normalcy, and freed from being misinterpreted all the time.
Reason 3: Practicality. It provides better options for sex and dating than picking up a drunk partner in a bar or similar places. Sex with drunk men is lousy, and I dislike noisy nightlife. It also beats going to swinger clubs; as I better enjoy a private environment and time for tenderness with foreplay and afterplay. It is also better than regular internet dating; by sorting away “girlfriend hunters”. As well as it by economical means sorts out complicated loosers with social and personal problems.
Reason 4: Freedom. It frees me as well as my clients from “the implicit expectations of normality”. This partly reflects back to Reason 2. Involuntarily single guys are forced to accept that the relation is professional. Thus I can avoid them getting overly clingy, manipulative or expecting and accusative about me not wanting a relation with them. It likewise makes attractive and wealthy married men feel safe about dating me, as they by paying also buy themselves free of responsibility (plus that they by paying has to acknowledge me certain respect).
Reason 5: Respect. As mentioned in the reason above, my partners cannot contempt me for being promiscuous, as they by “paying for it” put themselves on the same moral level as me. It is relatively better for a woman to be a paid whore than it is to be a free whore. Getting paid is being acknowledged as a professional in the situation, and hence as a person of some reckoning.
Reason 6: Definition. As my dates have the condition of “take it or leave it”, an exceptional situation outside of normality is created. There will not be any issues about negotiations regarding protected sex, for how long to be together when dating, or for how often to be in contact or meet. My professional role also frees me from having to answer spontaneous phone calls, text messages or emails at any given time. Formally, I could put up the same conditions and limitations in a private non-paid relation, but it would always lead to conflicts, misunderstandings and complains, and never be as well respected as it is in a paid and professional relation. This partly reflects back on Reason 5, by me getting a professional position of respected authority by getting paid. By being hired as a professional, all conditions are clear as “take it or leave it” and not negotiable.
– Most important in this list of reasons, is however Reason 1. In all other areas of society, the trend is that the more stimulating and attractive a job is, the better paid it is too. If people in general were to be paid as compensation for how much they disliked their jobs, the pyramids of how salaries are set would really have to be turned upside-down in plenty of areas in society. And as long as authors, musicians and sports athletes are allowed to get paid for their professionally practiced hobbies, I think it is perfectly fair that I should be able to demand payment – as long as there is a market for my sex hobby. Therefore, I actually think this question of “why I demand payment if I like it” is a bit ridiculous to answer.

4) How can I pay you in advance for travels or incall?
My payment solution is that you buy the gift card Paygoo Gift (see https://paygoo.se/cards/giftcard_eml ). You buy it pre-charged with the amount we have agreed upon. You can completely anonymously go and buy the giftcard for cash in Pressbyrån, 7eleven and some Coop or Hemköp. (So you have to be located in Sweden for this to work.)
If you send me images on the frontside and backside of giftcard, I can then use it to make online purchases. The giftcard only allows transactions for at most 500 SEK per purchase. But I have a way of moving the money around so I anyway can buy train-tickets and pay for accommodation, despite that these expenses will exceed 500 SEK per transaction.
I don’t need to be given the card physically in order to make purchases with it, but I do need to be the one to activate the card with my mobile phone, since my purchases are validated with codes sent by SMS to my phone.
Please observe that you need to buy the PayGoo Gift and not the Paygoo Reload in order to manage all this anonymously. Don’t buy the Paygoo Reload, because then the company demand to register the card on you, and it will not be good for you if the card thereafter is connected to my mobile phone. I have tried out the Paygoo Gift card with no problems, but there is a also lot of reviews about the Paygoo Reload card suffering technical problems. So don’t mix up what type of card you buy.
You can charge the Paygoo Gift with at most 1.500 SEK. So depending on our arrangement you might need to buy 2 or more cards and charge them with different amounts. I don’t want to receive Swish or bank transfers since I am careful about maintaining my anonymity.
If you are not comfortable with paying me anything in advance, remember that you always can travel to Skåne and rent a hotel room yourself. In that way you can both be anonymous to me and don’t have to pay anything in advance.

5) How can I date you discretely in a hotel?
In Sweden, it is not legal to hire my services. If you don’t want to be seen meeting me due to the Swedish sex purchase legislation, or if you travel with colleagues, and being seen with a girl not your wife would be a trouble in itself, there are 3 methods of going about hotel elevators that demand card activation:
Method 1: The first method is that you ask for 2 cards to your hotel room (as I assume you book a double room), and then meet with me around the corner of the hotel, where you tell me the room number and give me one of the cards. I can then go into the hotel two-three minutes after you have gone back to the room, travel up the elevator myself, and scratch at your door (when no one else is around in the corridor). The best is if you book a double room for 2 persons, and say that your wife/girlfriend is coming later. But even if you have booked a double room for one person only, you can motivate getting a second card by wanting to be able to recharge your laptop or mobile phone while being out of the room. (In many modern hotels in Scandinavia you need a room card inserted in connection to the main electricity switch in order to have electricity on the room, this is particularly typical for most Scandic hotels.)
Method 2: If you cannot get double cards to the room, the second method is to meet outside and walk in together, but with a slight distance, as if we just happen to arrive to the hotel at the same time, and then just happen to take the same elevator. You can do this in connection with actually going out buying a newspaper or some fruit in the closest kiosk near the hotel, before you meet me, as probable excuse for going in and out of the hotel with little time in-between.
Method 3: The third method is that we communicate by texting each other by phone, and time my entrance with when you are going down in the elevator. Then I simply step into the elevator you are coming down with (you text me a good description of how you look and are dressed, so I easily can recognize you) and we travel up again together. (You can pretend that you just forgot something in your room, and hence return up in the elevator again.) If there are people in the elevator, or in the upstairs corridor, that you seem to know, I will pretend to dig in my purse for something, check my phone, adjust my make-up, or similar, while you go to your room, and then I will come knocking when no-one is around.
Although I don’t really think normal hotel employees actively watch out for escorts, neither do I think that they would be courageous enough to bother to intervene – as they would make themselves deeply embarrassed if they accidentally accused anyone falsely. From my adventures in the hotels of Copenhagen, I have seen plenty of civilian tourist girls that look much more like whores than the real whores themselves do. So even if some vigilante hotel employee would be out on the hunt for escorts, that person would get a really hard time to figure out who is who.
What hotels in Sweden are told to look out for are returning girls using hotels as “hunting ground” for picking up clients. So flagrant flirting in the hotel bar might be unwise, particularly if you are much older than I am. Checking in and out together the same day, as a couple consisting of younger girl plus older guy, is also what hotels have been told to look for as sign of prostitution going on. Same goes for a couple of young girl and older guy checking in together spontaneously without pre-reservation of a room (which is typical behavior for guys picking up street-girls on a whim).
In general, what hotels look for are girls that typically look foreign (East-European or colored), and either have a too-civilian street-look (in tight jeans and waist-short jacket), or girls with a bimbo look (with silicone and party image) – not young Scandinavian women with modest ladylike appearance.
It can also be wise to avoid meeting up too late at night, as most common escort girls come running in around 10-11 pm, while not so many other people are going in and out of hotels at that time. It is more discreet to meet around the dinnertime between 5 pm to 9 pm, when most hotels have a lot of people coming and going in connection to going for dinner.

6) What kind of sex do you engage in?
I’m mostly fond of what I call love making. The kind of mindful and intimate sex that people really liking each other have.
That includes tenderness, hugging, kissing, oral sex and intercourse – the old and hedonistic practices for human bodies to give each other pleasure. As we have done from dawn of time, and that no religion or moral oppression ever has been able to erase completely from peoples’ sleeping chambers.
The only more crucial issue to think about is to always use condom or femidom (see FAQ 8 about femidoms) so I can keep on being happily promiscuous without risk for sad consequences, or need to worry about such. I use condom also for when I give oral sex, read FAQ 9 if you wonder why.
Regarding sex techniques, I have developed a special squatting riding technique, which is useful with partners that have problems to move and hump during intercourse. If they for example are sexually inexperienced or disabled. You can see it illustrated on picture 30 in the galleries of year 2016 (see picture 30 ).
I receive anal sex with some clients during certain conditions, please read FAQ 10 for more information about this. I am also happy to give my clients prostate massage with my fingers or tiny vibrators, usually in combination with that I simultaneously give them oralsex, so my partners get a pleasant connection between genital pleasure and anal sensations.
I like to give simpler forms of sensual erotic domination, like bondage and “tease&denial” read FAQ 11 for more information. If you like to, I’m happy to bring some fancy outfits to change into, I have a nice collection of lingerie and some fetish outfits in lack and latex.
To date female clients and to meet couples for threesomes, is also something I am fond of doing, please read FAQ 12 and FAQ 13 for more information.
I’m of the principle to never charge extra for anything that is within what I like to sexually engage in, and simply not offer what I’m not comfortable with.
You are welcome to come several times if you can during our time together, I’m happy to give you some cozy massage in-between turns and then tease you back up again. I always bring some sex toys along, and do of course myself bring plenty of condoms for our needs.
Seen to risks of bacterial and viral infections, I don’t want your genital secretions to be in contact with my mucous membranes (mouth, vagina, eyes), but you are welcome to come over my solid skin (like my breasts) if you like.
I love to explore and touch, play my partner close to the edge of orgasm, just to hold back, and then start anew. Admittedly, I’m a bit of an appreciation-junkie, I just love the kick of being able to please people and make them happy.
I like the feeling of having a man a bit in my power, and to be able to see and feel him respond to the pleasure I give him. The traditional idea about the female body as sexually passive and receptive is not really my thing, I prefer to be the one to play “sexual hero” in the situation and feel a bit like the admired expert.
I’m very relaxed and uninhibited about sex, you can talk to me about everything you have fantasized about or might have problems with, I don’t look down on people or judge them for anything, as long as their attitude is friendly and respectful.

7) How can I best satisfy you sexually?
Regarding my own ability to receive direct sexual stimulation, about 2-5 minutes of clitoral stimulation is what I need to achieve orgasm. My orgasm is usually enhanced, and lasts a little longer, if I also have a vibrator in me vaginally and/or anally, but I need direct stimulation on my clitoris to achieve orgasm.
Since I do not last long once my partner “finds the spot”, I enjoy foreplay and intercourse a lot, since it gives me more subtle stimulation, whereby the sex as a whole lasts longer and becomes richer in content for me.
My clitoris is quite sensitive, and it can easily turn painful for me, if an unskilled partner rubs too hard on it with fingers or toys, or grinds too hard with teeth or beard stubble while giving oralsex.
My sensitivity does however also make it easy for me to come with most techniques for oralsex, and with most types of toys, so also sexually inexperienced guys can usually give me an orgasm without any problems.
But I cannot have several orgasms after each other, or even close to each other in time, and my clitoris often turns painfully sensitive after orgasm, so you may only stimulate my clitoris at one occasion per session with sex.
When I have had my orgasm I usually lose most of my sexual interest. When I masturbate myself, my orgasm is usually the “finale” of my masturbation, thereafter I mostly fall asleep for the night. So to receive oralsex as part of the foreplay, can easily turn into a sexual disappointment, if I happen to come then already – which easily can happen to me.
I better appreciate if we first can have intercourse for a while (preferably in a slow tempo, so I get opportunity to squeeze and wriggle on you with my vaginal muscles), and try to time my orgasm to not take place earlier than mid-session, so I better can appreciate other sexual activities while I’m still horny.
If I get a longer break after my first orgasm, so I can recover well (like if we go for dinner for 1-2 hours), I can often rebuild new sexual energy and oftentimes get a second orgasm during the second session with sex.
But if I would have had non-paid sex in a private relation, there I would not have needed to consciously work with NLP-techniques to be able to stay in a sexual state of mind for a longer time than what is natural for me, I would have preferred to just have one session of sex for 20-40 minutes, with just one orgasm for my part.
But it works to manage up to 2 hours of sex per day, if I to a high degree can focus on engaging in my partner’s pleasure and my own exhibitionistic fantasy about being sexy and desirable. But that kind of require that my partner is sexually well-functioning enough to be satisfied with being the receiving part during most of the time. If we are to keep on going for 2 hours I also want my partner to be able to come several times, so there is a bit of variation and flow in the activities.
I do honestly think it is a sexual turn-off to monotonously struggle for 2 continuous hours with guys that have potency problems, or just a numb Viagra induced erection with no sensation in it. But a 1-hour date works pretty ok for me in those instances.
I also enjoy to have some middle-play and afterplay with sensual, but not directly sexual, tough. (I have an ability for tactile ASMR, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response , both in regard of giving and receiving. Primarily regarding “back tracing” and “hair play”, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjUcgiZ1dWc&t as an example.)

8) Can we use femidom instead of condom?
Yes, I have practiced with femidoms during summer 2017, and I am now experienced enough with the technique to use femidoms safely also with new clients.
See this picture and this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGzK2RKR-oU for an explanation about what femidoms are and how they are used.
I use a model with a wide outer ring that covers my labia, so we can be sure to not risk any contact between our mucous membranes. Observe that I only use femidom for vaginal sex, and not for analsex.
I consider using femidom as safe as using condom if one:
1: Manage to get the inner ring at the right place up against the cervix, which is a necessity for the femidom to stay in the vagina, and not risk to start slipping out during the sex.
2: Has good enough check on that the outer ring stays in place during the intercourse.
The benefit with femidoms is that guys that have a hard time feeling friction through condoms mostly feel more then they can move freely inside the femidom. The femidom feels more like unprotected sex for the guy, particularly during the first 10-15 minutes with intercourse, when the femidom stays best in place and the guy is most hard.
Since the femidom is larger than my vagina, the walls in there get a bit textured from the femidom, which also gives an increased sensation of friction for the guy.
The reason for femidoms not being more commonly used; it is probably just because most women are so sexually passive and know their own bodies so little, so they cannot manage to get the femidom in the right place, nor manage to have good enough check on that stays in the right place during sex. – Which is sad, since many men have big problems with condoms, or even outright condom phobia.
The bottom of the femidom is held nicely in place by the inner ring, since the cervix area is slightly broader than the vaginal passage. But the femidom’s walls (between the inner and outer ring) can start so slide in rhythm with the humping, and eventually start to work as a kind of friction-killing bumper.
This is foremost happening if I get too wet, so the femidom does not stick onto me as well as a “second skin” anymore. And/or if the guy is getting a half-limp erection, so he does not slide hard and slick against the femidom’s walls anymore. In that situation, there is a risk that the femidom sticks as much onto they guy as onto me, and actually gives the guy less feeling of friction than sex with an ordinary condom does.
I use a lot of lubrication inside the femidom, to best ascertain that it does not stick to the guy. – The trick to get it to work with a femidom, is to make it wetter between the guy and the femidom, than it is between the femidom and my vagina.
The outer ring of the femidom does also not stick that well onto my labia when I myself get more and more wet, if I keep on having sex for a while. When so happens, I have to use one or both hands to keep the outer ring in place. (Something I prefer to do myself, since I don’t trust guys to be able to stay focused and aware about how the femidom might be moving while they are having sex.)
But if I have to hold the outer ring of the femidom in place, I cannot take support from my arms to alleviate the weight of my legs when I am riding, which means I cannot ride squatting in a high tempo.
Therefore it doesn’t work very well to use femidom for a longer duration with clients that have difficulties to hump (disabled, severely overweight or sexually inexperienced guys). But if my partner can manage to have sex in positions from behind or in the missionary, where the guy does most of the humping, it does technically work do use a femidom also for a longer while.
But sex with femidom works best, and give the nicest sensation, if used early during the sex. For guys that are enduring and need to keep going 30-50 minutes before they come, it is most practical to maybe start with femidom, but after about 15 minutes change to a normal condom, and continue with a normal condom the rest of the session.
Because the benefits with a regular condom are that I can take care of more of the humping by riding unhampered – plus easily change back and forth between riding and giving oralsex – which means that I totally can keep up a higher tempo and give more friction to the guy for a longer time to go.
Please note that I’m not willing to use femidom for analsex. In the rectum it is not possible to attach the bottom of the femidom with the inner ring, since the rectum does not have an inner broadening around a cervix, like the vagina has. The risk anally, is that the femidom can fold, or partially turn outside-in on itself, whereby there is a dangerous risk of that it might tear and break during anal intercourse.
That is why I’m only using femidom for vaginal sex, where one can put it into place in a safe manner, and it does not risk breakage.
I am also not wiling to put in the femidom in advance of the sex, since my vagina easily begins to moister just from having something in it. The problem with the femidom getting slippery, and acting like a bumper during sex, is increased the longer it has been inside me. So to get the femidom to best stick like a “second skin” inside me, it is best to put it in directly before intercourse.
I don’t charge anything extra for using femidom, and I have own femidoms to bring to my dates. But you are welcome to tell me in advance if you want us to use femidom, so I can make sure that we use it early on, when the conditions are the best to create a really nice sensation with it.

9) Why don’t you give unprotected oral sex?
For my own concern, it is foremost because I fear contracting antibiotic resistant gonorrhea or chlamydia in my tonsils.
That risk is real, see http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2017/Antibiotic-resistant-gonorrhoea/en/ and https://www.thesticlinic.com/news/2016/11/27/ChlamydiaAndAntibioticResistanceShouldYouBeWorried.aspx .
These bacteria are not to play with if the are not curable by antibiotics anymore. It could turn into a life-long suffering for me if I got infected.
STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia are not that likely to infect the actual mouth – the mucuous membranes in our sex organs have more acidic pH than in the mouth, and human saliva contains enzymes that kills plenty bacteria. But deeper into the throat, in the mucous membranes at the tonsils, these bacteria can get a foothold.
If one givse oral sex to a man who has a lot of pre-ejaculative fluid, or if his organ is getting deep into the mouth and rubs against the throat, or if he even comes in the mouth, one does take substantial risks to contract STDs.
It is also just a question of time before chlamydia and gonnorhea becomes completely resistant against antibiotics – the question is not IF it is going to happen, but WHEN it is going to happen. In 1 year, 5 years, or 25 years?
And it might go fast when it finally happens. From brothels in Germany and Holland where unprotected oralsex is common, and from men that have been sextouristing in Asia or eastern Europe, it could just take a few month to develop an epidemic to sweep through Europe. With an infectious rate between persons that might go faster than the speed by which infected get about to search medical help, and faster than the medical science get about to catch up on the large-scale of what is going on.
Also, even if I just would get a normal and easily cured chlamydia or gonhorrea in the throat, if would for plenty of my clients with wife or girlfriend be a social disaster in case I transferred something to them.
Because even if I test myself regularly for STDs, I could get infected by something 1 day after having tested, and be able to transfer that 4-7 days later. Therefore, the safest course of action both for my clients and me, is to just exclude the risk of me catching anything in the first place.
I have had theoretic discussions both with other escorts as well as clients whether it works to give unprotected oralsex to a man who is “dry” (not having much of precum), if one makes sure to keep his organ in the front part of the mouth and use a lot of saliva. Or if one just licks on his organ instead of taking it into the mouth, so it never comes in direct contact with the throat and tonsils.
But that kind of limitations is not possible to keep with guys when it regards sexual pleasure: One would get conflicts regarding how many centimeters here and there that is possible to touch in the individual case, and when a guy is to define as “dry”. As an escort one would risk to either make too many clients disappointed, or risk having to endanger one’s own safety.
Therefore it is safer and fairer to consequently use condom for oralsex on all men – also in the beginning of the oralsex, and regardless of how dry and clean the guy in question is.

10) Do you receive anal sex?
If you are a sexually experienced and “normal functioning” client (not too “enduring” nor suffering erection problems) we can have anal sex during ca 10 minutes of a 1-hour session, on certain additional conditions.
Ideally, I want to have anal sex with normal functioning clients within a 1-hour date, where we first have a session of normal oral and vaginal sex for like 15-20 minutes, take a break of 10 minutes, and then have a second round of sex, starting with a little oral sex or/and vaginal sex for 10 minutes, and then ending with anal sex for the last 10 minutes. Or, in case with a client who can come only once, that we start slowly, have sex in total 30-40 minutes (whereof 10 min anal sex) and end with some cuddle and massage.
Observe that I don’t practice anal sex “like in a porn movie”, since I don’t want to ruin my intestinal system by using laxatives and disinfectant douches on a regular basis – neither do I want to risk urinary tract infections from lubrication stained with feces, or suffer ruptures.
Directly before we have anal sex I warm myself up with a pretty large dildo and insert a rich amount of lubrication, plus use a thicker model of condom on my client – so unfortunately I cannot offer a sensation of being particularly tight back there.
It is also not possible to hump violently hard, or hump in side-going angles or friction making positions during anal sex with me. The rectum is not as stable as the vagina, so you will have to hump softly and follow the natural angle of the rectum, so I don’t risk any ruptures. If you have problems with humping in a good way, you will have to accept to lay passive while I ride on you instead.
You are not allowed to insert fingers in my anus, since I don’t want to risk scratches on the thin skin membranes there, which one can get by nails also through a condom.
Before the date I will make a simple rinse with 1 dl salt water. But depending on my daily condition, and what time we are on in relation to what I ate the day before, that is not enough to guarantee that I’m all clean in my rear opening. – That is why it is not possible to have anal sex in more than 10 minutes, since it otherwise is risky that things might “start moving” in my intestines.
It is also not possible to change back and forth between various bodily openings, in such case the condom has to be changed and our hands and groin areas need to be washed from stains of anal lubrication that might have come out. – That is why it is best to have anal sex as a finale of other sex, so one does not have the disturbing element of having to take a break and go out for washing-up in the middle of having sex.
Due to the risk of that lubrication from the anal can carry out bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, I don’t want to have anal sex as a part of intense sex sessions where my vaginal mucous membranes get very worn down (and more susceptible for entering bacteria). That is why I don’t offer anal sex as part of 2-hour sex sessions (and also not in combination with dinner dates).
I don’t want to do anal sex with “enduring” clients who want to have intense non-stop intercourse, during like 50 minutes out of 60 minutes. – Since that kind of sex makes my vaginal mucous membranes pretty “raw”, and very sensitive to catch an infection even from just the smallest stain of anal lubrication. If you turn out to be one of those sex-frenzied and enduring clients, I will not have anal sex with you, not even if the date is just 1-hour.
I also don’t have anal sex with clients that have difficulty to maintain the erection, since the situation of having to change condom to “work it up” with hand or mouth, means to much sullying with anal lubrication that get smeared out everywhere. The only alternative is to wash everything off after each failure with trying to “stick it in” while it is half-hard. But the hygiene fuss usually turns out to be such a downer in the sex-atmosphere, that the erection dies completely, plus that it means a lot of wasted time.
If you don’t know how you function sexually (if you are inexperienced with sex with a partner), I also don’t want to have anal sex with you, because the risks are too great that it will not work out well.
Due to these limitations in regard of hygiene and safety, I don’t charge anything extra for anal sex – when I meet clients that it works to have it with. But please note, I do not offer anal sex to all clients.
Within the framework for when it works for me to have anal sex with the right kind of partners, I do however enjoy it myself, and also to at the same time insert a vibrator into my vagina.

11) Do you offer erotic domination?
I’m not a professional domina, but am happy to engage in softer domination games, like to put my partner in bondage and then tease him back and forth for ages.
For bondage I have a contraption with soft cuffs for wrists and ankles that goes with adjustable fixations ropes, which can be used in most beds. In addition to that I have a blindfold, some whips and a paddle, a gag ball and various outfits in vinyl, latex and leather.
I also have a strap-on harness with various insertable dildos of various sizes, and I am experienced with prostate massage and the importance of warming up and stretching the anus with care.
If you are into being dominated, you are very welcome to write me a detailed description about what you had in mind before we meet. It is a broad field, so a loose idea about wanting to “try out to be dominated” really leaves me rather lost. Since I cannot guess if I’m dealing with a partner who maybe just gets off on being a little humiliated, one that wants some pain, or one who simply likes to feel his body controlled with limited mobility.
- However, please observe that I do not act as submissive partner to a dominant man.

12) Are you bisexual, can one hire you as a woman, or as a couple?
Yes, I am genuinely bisexual (or what could be called gender-blind, in regard of sexual orientation), and have had plenty of experiences both with other women and with couples. I love to seduce another woman slowly and sensually. If you are new to girl-sex, I can take good care of you.
And you don’t need to be young or good looking for me to be able to be attracted to you. I’ve had so much sex, that I have learned that a good personal chemistry, and good sex, have absolutely nothing to do with people’s looks, whether they now are male or female.
Most people are as immature as children, wanting bright colored candy; seen to their fixation with outer appearance. But like with candy or food, the candy for the eye does not tell anything about what really matters, seen to the actual experience of consumption. Even if you are an elderly lady with generous size, I would be happy to meet with you. I’m very intelligent and my mind is old for my age.
I usually focus most on the other woman in threesomes, but like all kinds of variations. I always enjoy to be with a couple that know each other well, and see how they move together, how they have learned each other, and to briefly share their intimate sphere.

13) Is it possible to arrange a threesome with you and another escort?
Yes, I am happy to play with other escorts, but I do in such case want you to handle the booking of the other escort.
I don’t want to actively participate in booking another escort because of the 3 problems it could cause me: First, I don’t want to be held responsible if you as a client get disappointed on the girl I recommend. Second, I don’t want to get another escort mad on me in case an inquiring client turns out to be a time-waster or false-booker. Third, out from living in Sweden and the legislation here, I don’t want to risk committing sexual procuring by acting as a middle-hand in any way.
I take the same rates for threesomes as for ordinary dates, and you may pay me my rates separately to me, and the other escort her rates separately to her.
Due to Swedish legislation I dare not link to my girlfriends in my picture galleries, or officially encourage anyone to hire them – but you could always by your own initiative happen to google “Madeline Hamilton” and “Emma von Linné”.
I do however not travel outside of Skåne or Copenhagen for bookings with new clients. But if you know me or another escort from previous dates, it is a greater chance that we can have a threesome in Stockholm when I periodically am up there.
Regarding Skåne and Copenhagen I am open also for threesomes with other local escorts – but you will have to find some other potential girl by yourself and ask her if she is interested in a threesome with me.

14) Do you meet virgins, and can you tutor me sexually?
I’m happy to meet virgins. Through the years I have met many guys, even up in the upper middle age, who have not managed to have sex. I have even started joking about that I within my lifetime probably will achieve the Muslim heaven of 72 virgins.
I have also met some guys that only have had a few “failed” sexual experiences, and after that have gotten so much performance anxiety about sex that they feel completely phobic about trying again.
As a professional sexworker, I can psychologically be of good help to you for to dare to “get over the threshold” with starting to have sex. The communication is honest and direct during the actual sex, you don’t need to suffer the stressful element of flirt and incomprehensible, subtle female hints. And I can take the lead, manage the timing and be the more active part.
I have also met so many mature sexually inexperienced men, that I will not regard you as strange or deviant, and I don’t have any demands or expectations on your performance ability.
- And maybe most importantly, I can give you a loving experience of physical contact, the unique human experience of being naked and intimate in bed together. The mystery of the physical love, with touches and kisses, and the primal feelings of merging with another naked body.
I am happy to instruct you how to kiss, touch and give a good foreplay to me, and how to give oral sex to me. However, you can only expect me to orgasm 1 time per sex session (sometimes I can orgasm 2 times if I get a long break between, but this is nothing I can guarantee). And you cannot expect to keep on practicing on giving oral sex to me after that I have had my orgasm, since I get sensitive on my clitoris after having come, and further stimulation then just feels highly unpleasant and close to painful.
Whether I really can tutor anyone sexually, and make a guy a good lover after merely one or a few dates, can be questioned. To learn sex is not like learning to drive a car, since sex is an activity that contains more elements and more fine motor skills with the entire body, and probably is better compared to dancing samba.
Technically, I don’t think a single sex encounter means any greater marginal difference, compared to only having theoretic knowledge about how to do it. Although psychologically, it might feel reassuring to have gone through all the common phases within normal sex.
But it is not possible to create much content of muscle memory for all elements, after only a few hours of sex with a partner. Women are thereto more individually different than men are, so you will anyway have to learn anew if you get a girlfriend in real life.
Many guys that debut sexually late in life can also have difficulty to hump, achieve orgasm and “connect sexually” to the act with a partner. Since their nervous system during so many years has gotten so used to the sensory input from masturbation, while sex with a partner feels quite different.
Their brain is set on connecting “sex mode” to how it feels while masturbating – when their body is sitting or laying still, and the hand that masturbates gives more friction in a faster speed, than what is possible to achieve when the whole body is to move during intercourse. When they are supposed to hump by themselves, or have a partner touching them and riding them, it often gets hard for them to adjust and sexually function in the situation, since the brain gets distracted and confused by all new sensory input.
It is probably easier for younger guys, that debut during their teens or early twenties, to fast connect sexually to the new stimuli and input that comes  along with having sex with a partner. Since the whole nervous system is more fast-learning and adjustable when one is younger.
I use to give clients with this kind of sensory problems a home-work to practice to hump by themselves. Like on a sex-doll or on a fleshlight they may fixate in bed. This, in order to practice the sensory ability in their sex, when the tempo goes slower while humping compared to moving the hand. And in order to learn how to connect sexually and achieve orgasm, also when the whole body is strained in movement, which otherwise can feel unfamiliar and distracting during sex.
To get over this kind of sensory problems, with learning new muscle memory and adjusting the brain to connect sexually to other kinds of stimuli than the accustomed masturbation, usually requires regular practice over time. It is nothing one can fix in a single evening, since learning by muscle memory and associative connections to sensory stimuli, is not as fast achieved as learning something intellectually.
Hence I am of the opinion that self-practice with partner-simulating tools for many probably can be more optimal, than hiring an expensive escort, in regard of getting enough of training occasions to achieve any effect.
You should also consider that it might be stigmatizing for you to have paid for sex, or that it can be ha heavy secret to carry, in case you later actually get a girlfriend, who possible might have strong condemning opinions about professional sex.
The greatest problem for guys, who has remained sexually inexperience all through their youth, is also often the social part, with self-confidence and communicative skills in the social game. Since you in the communication with me don’t need to be able to play mind-games, flirt, understand strange female codes, and so on, you will also not learn any such skills by meeting me.
When clients only see me for pleasure and entertainment, I don’t feel bad about my rates or the social stigma my clients might get from buying my services. But when there is a therapeutic need in the picture, I feel more responsibility about what I actually can achieve to really help my clients.
So, to conclude:
What I can help you with is foremost to get over the nervousness about the “first time”, or to dare to “try sex again”. Plus, simply give you that unique experience of loving physical intimacy, and all the deep instinctive emotions that comes along with nakedness, touch and kisses. I am also better than non-sexworking girls on taking initiatives, riding and being active in bed – so the odds for achieving somewhat successful sex are greater with me, than with a less experienced girl.
Plus, I don’t judge you, neither do I have any particular demands or expectations about your performance, so you don’t need to be afraid of shaming yourself in any way.
But I cannot make you a better lover after only one or a few dates. And the straight-forward and easy communication with me, will not equip you with social skills to better handle the more complicated psychological game between the genders out in real life. And whether increased self-confidence out from having lost the virginity overrules the possible shame of being a “sexbuyer”, is maybe not certain.

15) Will Viagra and similar pills help me to manage sex better if I have potency problems?
Viagra and similar generics make your erection stiffer, but they do nothing to increase the sensitivity in your penis.
So, if you can come with a limp or half-limp erection when you masturbate, it can be a good idea to use Viagra or similar pills in order to better manage intercourse with a partner.
But if the problem is that you just don’t have much feeling in your sex, but mostly just start feeling numb a few minutes into intercourse, these medications do nothing to help you.
On the contrary, if you take a too high doze, the erectile tissue might swell so much, that the blood circulation gets hampered and you just end up feeling even more numb in your sex. That is then it typically starts feeling cold (more gets the temperature of your toes, than the typically hot temperature of a sex organ), and sometimes the glans even get a pale whitish or bluish color due to lack of oxygen. It is kind of the same effect of blood congestion, as then the doctor ties off your arm for giving you shots.
Since it still is stiff, it works to have intercourse, even if you don’t feel anything meanwhile. So if you just want to have intercourse for the emotional or symbolic value of being able to do it, it might still be worthwhile. But you getting an orgasm then this effect occurs is very unlikely to happen.
Also worth to mention; Viagra and its generics do nothing per se to increase your ability to get more orgasms. If you just get one orgasm then you masturbate, and normally start feeling numb after that, these pills can do nothing to help you gain more feeling, or to make you come more times. These medications make you stiff, but no more than that.
But if you can get several orgasms then you masturbate, and you get the second and/or third orgasm with a weak or limp erection, it can be useful to use Viagra or generics for sex with a partner, in order to better manage several intercourses by being hard all the time.
Although – if you are sensitive or take too high a dose, and thus get that blood congestion effect, you will probably get fewer orgasms with Viagra, than if you instead would have had sex with a limp erection.
If you plan to use Viagra or similar pills for seeing an escort, it is always wise to first test out the pills when you masturbate at home, so you know how they work on you, and so you can get the doze right.
Some of those pills that guys buy online on the black market seem to be a bit unpredictable, and vary from package to package even from the same distributor. So if you want to make sure to avoid that risk of getting blood congestion and getting totally numb due to having over dozed, you better first practice at home with the very same pills you plan to use when dating me.

16) Do you do overnights or vacation escorting?
No, I don’t do overnights or travel escorting. I’ve sometimes been able to be in a genuine and lasting enthusiastic mood for this kind of dates. But all too often I have found them straining and tiresome, and have needed to fake my enthusiasm the last half of the date. And sometimes these long lasting dates just made me get tired of clients that I originally really liked as persons, which was kind of sad.
My approach to sex and dating is like if one would meet a good friend for doing some hobby or sports together. Or getting together over a dinner for a good discussion (just including some sex and cuddling as the common activity). Then it usually gets very natural to hang together for about 3-4 hours, and then retire to one’s own.
Also in my civilian life, I have never understood why sex and romance is such an exceptional activity that people engaging in sex have to go all symbiotic, and suddenly be completely absorbed with each other for full night and days to go. That doesn’t feel natural to me. One wouldn’t behave like that with normal friends, or even with family members.
To the extent that I can understand it, is that I sometimes can get that absorbed while reading interesting books or while engaged in some solitarian hobby project of mine. But it never happens to me while being with humans. That is a big reason to why I’m escorting I think. I don’t fit into the expected gender role of how a good and dedicated girlfriend is supposed to be. But over an evening of some hours I’m a really good girlfriend experience, as I like all humans do crave sex and love, and escorting is my way of both giving and getting that.

17) Do you offer social dates where you act as my girlfriend in front of my family/friends/business associates/ex-girlfriend?
No, I don’t like the idea of deceiving other people in that manner. It would also cause a number of practical problems about how to make up a mutual background story that really would be fail-safe.
And then, unavoidably, lots of actual lying from my part. With people that know me to be an escort girl, I can mostly avoid lying by being circumstantial, vague, or even tell that I don’t want to give actual factual information about my physical whereabouts outside of my Annika-life. If people aren’t supposed to know me for what I am, I would have to deceive them in a very dishonest way, and I would not feel good about that.

18) Do you really enjoy having professional sex with your clients?
As I function, I can connect sexually with anyone (who is emphatic and hygienic) if I just self-hypnotize myself into the mood for it.
I put myself into the mental plane where I perceive my partner and me as manifestations, or vessels, for our sexual archetypes. And on that level just everybody is compatible. Because if we remove the “everyday social persona”, we are all one and the same, as physical human beings with primal sexual energy. And we are all compatible if we just show each other some basic empathy and courtesy.
Even if my partner is a person with an everyday social identity as an unattractive individual, and has no skills in bed, I’m still able to get aroused by the idea that I can get him aroused. Partly, I wrap myself into my own auto-erotic fantasy about personifying the “female sex symbol”, which turns me on sexually just on it’s own. Partly, I get aroused from the very idea of being able to make a partner sexually aroused and pleased (no matter who that partner is). So if a guy gets aroused by me getting aroused, that kind of circuits my own attraction into me really getting turned on. Like mirrors reflecting each other or sorts.
The distinction between “real or fake” kind of collapse here, because I can seduce myself so well that I make my own fantasy real. Then and there, my attraction is 100% real. But as magicking goes, it only holds for the evening.
Then I get to know a client better as a real person, with that “everyday social persona” starting to interfere, there will over time unavoidably be issues about what I like more or less about a partner. Though my self-hypnotism is still doable to some extent, also with people I know on a more personal level, but don’t really get spontaneously attracted to.
But it can get very exhausting and energy consuming to kind of run my own person in two separate “operative systems”; to first relate to the partner as a real and normal person then I entertain him socially, and then switch over into my auto-erotic fascination about being a courtesan, for being able to function sexually with him – in case he would not be a person I spontaneously feel attracted to. So if we are to date several times, it is best that there is some spontaneous attraction there.
I’m a bit unusual in that I don’t mind if a partner is much older than me. (On the contrary, I prefer more mature lovers, as they usually are more emotionally clear about themselves, and I feel more relaxed and comfortable then I know that they are not about to fall love with me, or start to get complicated in any way.)
Nor do I mind to have sex with anyone considered ugly or overweight. As I use to say; I just don’t really get what visual esthetics matter for an art that is so much about tactile esthetics, as the art of lovemaking actually is about.
I guess it is also unusual that I don’t fall in love with people in that emotional way, or even have that as part of my sexuality. On the contrary, outside of escorting, I’m kind of too phobic about possible emotional expectations and eventual future demands on my person, to be completely comfortable to have sex with anyone not a client.
But I think I dare to say that I’m a great girlfriend-experience within my sphere as escort, since my escort hobby is my sex-life (apart from masturbation), and I don’t do that split between “real private sex” and “fake job sex”, as most other girls in the business do.

19) What is your age, what are your physical facts, and what is your background?
I am more intellectually mature than my age, and look younger than my years. As I now have a verification video, see http://annika-escort.com/video/ , you can figure how old my body looks, and as you can read my texts, you can figure how old my mind is.
I don’t have any tattoos, piercings or implants, I have not conducted any plastic surgery, and my long hair is my own. I’m a non smoker, I eat healthy, I seldom take sun, and I prefer to drink sparsely. I’m inspired by the ancient Greek ideals about cultivating both mind and body, so when not engulfed by reading or by some creative project, I do a lot of sports training in my spare time.
My escorting has enabled me to study very useless things for many more years than what most people can afford, and I have also ventured into some alternative and creative enterprising. As I guess that my texts give tell of, my orientation is mainly within human and social sciences.
I’ve grown up with well-educated and well-established parents, but I consider myself as something of an emotional outsider. People often find me a manticore that is difficult to place; not merely do my physical looks and my mind present a contradiction of sorts, but so do my talents and my agenda. I am usually successful with most things that I undertake, but I’m not very interested in making any career, as I don’t really feel emotional belonging anywhere. Presented with the “lead or follow” question, I’m the loner that just prefers to get out of the way and do my own thing.

20) Why do you show your face on your website, and why is your escort website so elaborated?
Being an escort is an important part of my identity, as I regard that as my main expression of sexuality, and as my sex life (apart from masturbation). Even though I don’t meet that many new clients anymore, I still identify myself as an escort at heart.
I cannot openly talk about it or refer to it in my everyday life. – Even the people that know that I’m an escort, tend to categorize me as “the odd exception from the stereotype prostitute” and not want to know details. But instead pretend that I’m normal and like everybody else, as I by education, intelligence and behavior can “pass for normal” in all other aspects, and I am polite enough to play along with that.
But for me in regard to myself, that kind of invisibilization hurts a bit, as I cannot identify myself with the normal female emotional sexual gender role. I have to keep quite and pretend to fit in, but I really need at least one place where I can express my sexual identity and see it myself. And that one place is this website. Hence it is important for me to be able to show my face here.
Additionally, there are 3 more issues of consideration, or maybe you could call them beneficial factors, of showing my face and having this elaborated website. The first if safety: I hope that I by showing my face will disencourage individuals that might want to hurt me, by showing that I’m not more afraid of personal exposure than that I would go to the police if someone hurt me.
The second, regarding the elaboration of this website, is also a quality insurance of my service in regard to new clients: That I have time and money to invest in doing a website this extensive, is a proof of that I’m really into what I do, and not a girl who just is temporary desperate for money and likely to offer lousy service.
And the third, is actually to assure my regular clients about that I am a professional, so they keep their hopes down about trying to get me for a real girlfriend.

21) Can I take photos of you, or film you, during our date?
I’m admittedly something of an exhibitionist, and get a turn-on from looking at my own pictures (a big reason for me having such extensive galleries).
But then I work with someone, I prefer to be solely focused on the intimate sphere of my partner and myself, and not have the interference and distraction of a media. Which otherwise would demand a focus of reality for it’s own sake, that in turn by would make the personal connection to my partner a secondarily concern.
I had myself more of an interest for porn then I was younger (as it seemed to present an escape from all that relational fuss about sex which I could not handle). But as I have found my safe way of getting feelings of intimacy and connection to a partner in my role as professional lover, the depersonalized kind of sex that porn implies does not turn me on anymore.

22) Are you available for interviews?
Not for common medias aiming for a big mainstream audience.
If you read my little discourse analysis on the page “sexology”, you can figure that my phenomenology of sexuality not is within the same paradigm, or discourse, that today’s debate in media moves within. “Speaking past each other” and eternally getting misinterpreted would be my only achievement, if I agreed on partaking in a debate or in an interview.
The existing common knowledge for understanding of sex and prostitution brings on that I cannot choose what questions and issues of discussion that are relevant. Neither how to define the deeper connecting meaning of values and emotions that makes up the preunderstanding for sex and prostitution.
People might understand what I say, but not what I mean with what I say. As clashing paradigms go, there is no common hermeneutic approach for perception of social reality. And hence, debating would be futile.
Also, common media of today are mainly built on presenting accumulated details to an already defined reality – then not just serving plain entertainment by working within pre-set angles providing “same story, new actors” over and over. The reader value being more about identification than intake of anything new. I would just end up feeling used and humiliated when forcibly squeezed into some more or less ready-made stereotype (even be it a sympathetic one) which I could not identify with.
And personally, I have no desire to play figurehead for “the prostitute” in every day society. I get a great kick out of keeping a high profile here on my website, and in other underground arenas, as they kind of make up a psychologically denied “sub reality”. Which means that I can get away with being an escort, seen to consequences of social stigmatization.
That sex is defined as “private” and that sex is a denied reality, a sub-reality that people invisibilize, and pretend does not exist in the everyday life, is actually my salvation, seen to be able to have a normal life with jobs and studies.
Due to the Scandinavian political correctness, introverted fear for conflicts, and (relative) lack of double-moral, no normal middle-class moralists could ever admit to having seen me here on my website, or in other “morally dubious” connections – as that would be to admit themselves as voyeuristic culprits.
Or, if anyone ever dared to admit to knowledge about me, that person would be morally obligated to relate to me as a poor victim living in self-deception, only deserving empathy and help. This due to that nothing presented within medias for the “sub reality of sex” has legitimacy enough to be taken seriously or really feel threatening, seen to that all sex still is defined as “private”.
But would I ever appear in accepted and legitimate mainstream media, where the reality is hyper-real and not “invisible and private”, the issue would likely be very different, and I would likely get very real every day problems in my civilian life.
To the extent that I want to do something good for society outside of the subculture for professionally practiced sex, it is by simply just working underground, by elaborating and writing about my views (when I sometimes have the time for it). And over time, as our culture unavoidably grows and changes over time, maybe something of it will sip out to be part of a new synthesis, as our paradigms of knowledge shift and change.
And if you now are some really persistent journalist that absolutely want to convince me of your open-mindedness and desire to write revolutionary stuff – well, you can always pick together some constructed kind of interview by citing and interpreting what you read on this website. I’m all in for free information, so be welcome to cite me at your desire.
(However, I’m not happy about other escorts stealing my texts to use as their own, so mark that I talk about citing here, not plagiarizing.)
And regarding researchers or journalists for scientific, political or professional journals and other such medias, I would also prefer that you simply make use of what I have written here on my website, as your source material. If you need me to clarify certain matters, I would be happy to help you out, and I will not charge anything for that.
But if you want to get it all presented from scratch in a long personal interview, then again I would more suspect you for “not getting me”. And if you mean that what I write on my website is not reliable or trustworthy as source material, that does in my eyes look pretty much like a sign of that you probably are full of prejudice about girls like me, and probably anyway are not interested in understanding me. But just desiring to squeeze me into some already predefined ideological and methodological approach of yours, or maybe create some ad hominem of me. And that I don’t want to give time and energy to.

23) Do you give discount to returning and/or regular partners?
No, I have admittedly done so in the past, but it did not turn out too well, so I’m nowadays trying to phase out the few remaining regulars acquaintances for discounts that I still have, and I do not intend to take on any new ones.
One reason is that this hugely limited my availability for new clients so I missed out on a lot of nice adventures, both economically and regarding sampling interesting conversations from new partners with different backgrounds.
Another reason is that some of my regular clients fell in love, which made both me and them unhappy; me due to feeling guilty and insufficient, them due to wanting and hoping for a deeper emotional reciprocation than I was able to feel for them.
It was comfortable to date partners that I already knew bodily and intellectually, and to some extent gratifying to experience how the continuance made both the sex and the discussions more nuanced, personal and deeper. But the development with too many became an ethically complicated situation where I felt economically and emotionally abusive, due to increasing suspicions about them spending money on me in hopes of getting me for a real girlfriend some day.
In that regard, I think it is better for all parts involved to keep the relation clearly professional. And that it actually is more humane to be more expensive to meet, as that diminishes the risk for attachment and psychological dependence for my partners’ concern, as they simply cannot afford to date me that often.
And if I am to be professional about it, the rational thing is also to have rates that somewhat balance the huge demand in relation to my limited availability. Seen to what the market in Scandinavia does look like, with few providers that are good looking, conversant, both socially and sexually service minded, plus have higher education, I would be an idiot if I did not focus on a clientele among the rich and wealthy lads and ladies, and kept rates that target this niche.
My rates might be too expensive for the main part of the population to afford (more than at some single occasional time), but I’m just a single girl, and cannot possibly take on all the request that there is for girls such as me.
- On the whole: If you think I’m expensive, I really recommend you to find another girl. Go for a short service in a massage parlor, or if you want a girlfriend experience to a budget price, go to Prague or take a charter to Thailand (a good and comprehensive directory for international escorts is http://openadultdirectory.com). You can also find cheap escorts in both Denmark and Sweden in the links I have to escort directories in FAQ 27 and FAQ 28.
I don’t want to economically abuse anyone, but neither do I want to provide sexual charity (for charity, I rather give of my own money to charity organizations with focus on environmental issues).

24) Why don’t you answer comments and questions about your blog and the texts on this website?
Because if I did, I could sit here both day and night and do nothing but write emails. I simply don’t have time for it. Then I have time to write, I prioritize my already known acquaintances, and try to be fair about not writing anything to any new people, as I often cannot keep up writing to people that I already know.
If you think this is strange: consider that my website is in three languages, which means exposure to not only Denmark and Sweden, but also the rest of the English speaking world.
And then, figure how many curious people that sit and look at websites like mine just for the fun of it, and start reading my writings and get fascinated. Guess how many of them that want to get in contact with me. And I think you can get some idea of how much non-booking related emails I get from people every day. Just sorting them out takes time.

25) I’m a debuting escort, can you help me out, act as my mentor, provide me with clients or loan me money?
I’m trying to do my share for enlightenment in the oldest profession by the menu “sexology” I’ve got on this website, and partly by my blog. Eventually, I will also write some more practical guide sometime in the future (if I ever get the time). But you can already find other such on internet if you google around. (Or else I can for English speaking people recommend http://www.saafe.info and http://www.howtobecomeanescort.net . For Denmark http://www.sexarbejderkarriere.dk and http://www.s-i-o.dk . And for Sweden http://workinggirlsdictionary.weebly.com/ , http://sakerhetsguide.blogspot.se/ and http://www.rosealliance.se .)
Any practical advice would also be highly dependent on where and how you work – I could not give the same practical advice for Denmark as for Sweden for example, neither the same advice for a medium city as I would give for a large city. Because of this, I have focused more on the psychological aspect of things, on how to relate to oneself and to one’s clients.
And then it comes to being mentor for any single girl – I have gotten absurdly many such inquiries by email, which has caused me to think that there must be male attention-seekers behind most of them, unless there really is a ticking bomb in Sweden of loads of young girls dreaming about becoming escorts.
But real or not real – I really don’t have time to act mentor for any single girl. Rather than trying to give single advice to single persons, I think it is better that I just focus on further developing my sexology and write on my blog when I some spare time, and in the end, there will be more for everyone to read.
And regarding all requests I get from girls from all corners of the world, that want to come and work for me – as I cannot even manage my own administration to full capacity, I’m really not interested to start playing agency for others (even less to get into sex-trafficking). So I cannot provide you with clients.
If you are an independent girl in Denmark, and I get a client in common with you, and that client thinks you are good to recommend, I will put your website in my recommendation list here in FAQ 27. For that I don’t demand any kind of payment, nor do I take any responsibility for whom that might contact you by seeing you on my site.
I’m a bit careful linking directly to other Swedish girls nowadays seen to the stern Swedish laws about pimping, but in FAQ 28 I link to some advertising sites for Swedish escorts, which are rating high in traffic and on search engines.
For male escorts wanting to work in team with me: No, I’m not interested. The market for professional males is so slim that the administration of it just would be extreme waste of time, even then it comes to gay or bisexual men.
And regarding that I have female clients – the very reason for them hiring me is because they are into girls and not guys, so there is just no way ever that they would like to pay for a male escort.
And I’m likewise not going to loan out money to anyone for making a website or being able to afford pictures or adds. Apart from the likely-hood of that you just are trying a scam trick on me, the risk is also otherwise too great that you will change your mind about becoming an escort, or just mess up with it, and never be able to pay me back.

26) Is there any chance that you might want to become my girlfriend?
No, I am well certain of that I don’t want to have a boyfriend. I have meet many really great guys, and gotten much more of a selection than any regular decent girl ever gets in a lifetime, but I’m just not into the very idea about having a steady love relation. My primary love is to do things, to get passionately absorbed in my hobbies and interests, rather than passively spending time just being with someone.
I have met a lot of clients that have tried to woe me. Some elderly guys seem to think that I ethnically would be more socially passable and less embarrassing than an import-wife, and falsely assume that I would prefer the safety of being a privately kept woman over the freedom of being a public and independent one. Some middle aged guys think that my level of education would make me more fit as mother for their children than a wife from a poor country would be, and falsely assume that I automatically want to have children in my life. And yet some young guys seem to figure that a few dates to woe me as girlfriend would be less expensive than the cost of importing and providing for a foreign girl, and falsely assume that I “as a prostitute” must be desperate to find anyone who wants to have me as girlfriend.
Plenty of those guys has been really nice guys, objectively speaking much more honest and kind persons than average men are; contradictorily they don’t have it easy with average women just because these guys often are too kind, too thinking and too much genuinely themselves, instead of playing facades.
But I’m not out on the look for “the right one”, I really do prefer to spend my life as single. So no matter how “good” a guy is, I’m just not interested in the very idea about falling in love or being in a relationship. So please don’t hire me if you can recognize yourself in what is written above, it will just be a waste of money for your sake.

27) Can you recommend some other escorts in Copenhagen?
Nowadays I don’t really know any other presently active Danish escort girls in person, but as I have clients that also see other girls, I have that way gotten to hear good or less good words about other girls. Here are some I’ve heard good about: http://www.maluacopenhagen.dk/ , http://copenhagengfeescort.com/ , http://www.ellen-companion.com , http://www.legelyst.dk , http://copenhagen-escort.com/ .
An escort agency I’ve heard good about is http://escortfantasy.dk . And some good massage parlors are http://pussygalores.dk , http://seductiongirls.dk and http://cassiopeiastars.dk . And for dominance I can recommend http://madamesascha.com .
I can also recommend the directories http://side6.dk/massage-escort/ and http://escortguide.dk for finding other Copenhagen escorts.

28) Can you recommend some other escorts in Sweden?
I nowadays deem it a bit risky to directly link to other individual escorts in Sweden, as Sweden have stern pimping-laws, and my own physical residence in Sweden as a person might be deemed as taking legal precedence over that this website of mine is not hosted on a Swedish server. In case I directly encouraged anyone to meet a particular escort, this could possibly be deemed as an act of pimping, even if I myself don’t make any profit of it.
I do however deem it safe enough to recommend directories with Swedish escorts, as looking at escort advertisement and websites is legal, and I by that in no way directly encourage anyone to meet anyone in particular.
On these directories you can find advertisement from plenty of Swedish girls: http://eskortflickor.net/ , http://realescort.se , http://rosasidan.ws/classifieds/ , https://sex-tjejer.com/ , http://cityoflove.com/EN/sweden/malm%C3%B6/default.aspx .

29) Can you recommend some good hotels in Copenhagen?
Radisson Blue Royal – A stylish hotel to a good pricing, also containing two good restaurant, and placed right at the central station.
http://nimb.dk – The most luxurious hotel in Copenhagen nowadays. A tiny hotel with only 13 extraordinary rooms and suites, in connection to Tivoli and the restaurant the Paul.
Scandic Palace – A nicely recently renovated hotel to a nice price, with funky design and and nice atmosphere, centrally located at the Rådhuspladsen.
http://hotelguldsmeden.dk – 3 tiny family owned hotels, with tastefully furnished rooms, nice home made food, good service and relatively centrally located.
http://admiralhotel.dk – A charming hotel of older date, not all recently renovated, but with a nice location at the harbor and the good restaurant Salt.
http://scandic-hotels.com/sydhavnen – Located a bit outside of the central Copenhagen, with modern and light rooms. In particularly the suites on the fifth floor are very price worthy in relation to size and comfort.
Hilton Kastrup – Practically located in direct connection to Kastrup airport..
http://avenuehotel.dk – A tiny private hotel, with ok rooms to a good price, and relatively centrally located.

30) Can you recommend some good restaurants in Copenhagen?
http://www.geranium.dk – A relatively new restaurant of better class, with focus on organic and ecological kitchen.
http://www.restaurantumami.dk – Nice Japanese/French restaurant.
http://www.restaurantviva.dk – A romantic boat, which also harbor a romantic fish restaurant.
http://www.kokkeriet.dk – Danish/French food of good quality, centrally located in the old part of town.
http://ilgrappoloblu.com – A nice Italian restaurant with really good food, cozy and warm atmosphere and good service.
http://latombola.dk – Nice Italian kitchen to a nice price.
http://leonore-christine.dk – Charming restaurant in Nyhavn with Danish/French kitchen and very nice atmosphere.
http://www.sushitarian.dk – Centrally located sushi place with good food.